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We accept most major insurances.

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Elizabeth, our office manager can assist you with any insurance questions. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long will my appointments be?

We work with you in a small, intimate environment. Each visit will be about 60 minutes. 

If this is your first appointment with us, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to address insurance and billing processes with our office staff and to complete new patient paperwork.

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How often will I have P.T. sessions?

In general, a treatment plan includes 2 to 4 sessions per week. During each session, our experienced physical therapists will work manually with you and guide you through a program tailored for you and your needs.

Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or injury, or are recovering from surgery, our skilled therapists will work with you to lessen pain and speed healing and strengthening.  

What should I wear to my appointments?

We will be stretching, exercising and working manually with you during your appointments. We suggest that you bring or wear athletic clothing or other clothing in which you are comfortable and can move without restriction. Please also make sure your clothing allows us to assess and evaluate your area(s) of injury. We suggest wearing sneakers or other closed-toed shoes that are comfortable and supportive. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

What should I bring with me to my appointments?

On the first visit, please bring your insurance card, photo identification and prescription (if you were referred to us by a doctor.) 

If your prescription is more than 30 days old, please call your physician and have them fax a script to our office at 773-3303.*

*Please note, we only take cash, check or Health Savings Account cards.

What sets you apart from other PT offices?

With our intimate setting, we really get to know our patients and develop personal connections with them. Because of this, our office is a warm, welcoming environment where we have fun - after all, laughter is the best medicine!

Our therapists have decades of experience which allows them to create a program designed specifically for your body, your pain level and your tolerance.

How do I make my next appointment?

Please be sure to check in and out with our friendly office staff each visit. They will schedule you for your follow-up appointment.